Do you know about the export packaging of switchgear?

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As an important component of the power system, the safe and stable operation of switchgear is crucial for the safety of the entire power grid. Therefore, the export packaging of switchgear is not only a simple logistics task, but also a comprehensive guarantee of product quality and performance. Derun Electric is well aware of this, so it strives for excellence in packaging design, selection of packaging materials, and strict control of the packaging process for switchgear.

In terms of packaging design, Derun Electric strictly operates in accordance with international and export country transportation standards. Not only does it pay attention to the rainproof, moisture-proof, and dustproof functions of the packaging, but it also adds multiple protective measures outside the packaging to ensure that the switchgear can be protected from external environmental influences during long-distance transportation. In addition, classify and organize the switchgear for easy sorting and transportation, and pay special attention to avoiding stains, damage, and missing components on the surface of the switchgear during the sorting process. In the selection of packaging materials, non fumigation wooden boxes are used for packaging. This type of packaging material is not only environmentally friendly and recyclable, but also has strong pressure resistance and seismic resistance, which can maximize the safety of the switchgear during transportation. This measure has not only gained widespread recognition from customers, but also earned a good international reputation.