Guinea SGCG annual output cement grinding production line electrification test

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Recently, Derun Electric overseas projects came good news. Guinea SGCG annual output cement grinding production line project electrification test is progressing smoothly. This project Derun Electric sent a PLC engineer and a site commissioning engineer, they actively participated in the whole project, responsible for the site PLC programming and switch cabinet power commissioning work. PLC engineers have rich experience in PLC programming, and can program design and debug according to site requirements. He is proficient in all kinds of PLC programming software to ensure the smooth progress of programming work. Field commissioning engineer is responsible for all switchgear power commissioning work. He carefully checks the electrical connections of the switchgear to ensure the connectivity and safety of the circuit. He also works closely with PLC engineers to ensure that the PLC system works with the switchgear. The arrival of these two engineers provided important support for the smooth progress of the project. Their expertise and experience ensures a high quality completion of the project, laying a solid foundation for the normal operation of the SGCG's annual cement grinding line in Guinea. We believe that with their efforts, the power testing work will be smooth sailing and make important contributions to the successful completion of the project.

At present, the high and low voltage switchgear including DCS system has been put into use, and the powder workshop and the water pump room electric cabinet have completed the linkage test. The medium voltage frequency conversion of two fans has been put into use, and the fans have been running. The rest of the part in the tense and orderly closure, looking forward to the two engineers to complete the task as soon as possible. This project uses KYN28A-12, medium voltage bypass cabinet, high voltage capacitor cabinet, DC screen, medium voltage inverter cabinet, MNS2.0 low voltage cabinet and other complete sets of high and low voltage equipment produced by our company.