DERUN Electric High Voltage Bypass Cabinet Used in Thailand BY14 1 * 220TPH BIOMASS CFB BOILER ISLAND Project

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Recently, two debugging personnel from Derun Electric rushed to the BY14 1 * 220TPH BIOMASS CFB BOILER ISLAND project site in Thailand to carry out installation and debugging work, fearing long distances. In this project, Derun Electric provided six sets of one-to-one automatic bypass cabinets, equipped with 630A vacuum circuit breakers and isolation switches, to meet the requirements of continuous motor operation, and successfully completed the docking speed control work for the project.

After the debugging personnel arrive at the site, they first inspect the on-site power distribution equipment and cable devices, and then measure the depth of the bypass cabinet and frequency converter cabinet to ensure the overall appearance is consistent. After understanding the on-site situation, our debugging personnel began debugging and power transmission work, and assisted the on-site installation team in completing the operation of the circuit system.

The bypass cabinet product is a product carefully designed by the technical team of Derun Electric, which ensures that in the event of a frequency converter malfunction, the system can automatically switch to the power frequency grid. When the frequency converter speed control system is disconnected, the load does not need to be shut down, meeting the requirement of on-site non-stop. Of course, the design scheme of the bypass cabinet is not singular, and designers will provide different design schemes according to the customer's needs. Derun Electric pays close attention to every product and provides customers with high-quality products and first-class after-sales service.