Get Run Engineer won the ABB medium voltage frequency conversion commissioning service qualification, completed a number of project commissioning

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2023, we have to wet the electric! The company's three senior engineers have been awarded the ABB medium voltage frequency conversion commissioning service qualification, for the company's reputation on the international stage to add luster. This award is a symbol of derun electric in the field of electrical engineering excellence has been recognized by ABB, also marks Derun electric technical strength once again to a new stage.

In the past year, derun electric has been actively involved in training and R & D, providing the three engineers with a comprehensive range of professional knowledge and practical skills. At the same time, their professional ability and rich project experience make them become the backbone of the family. Over the years, they have successfully completed a number of overseas projects, showing outstanding technical skills and teamwork spirit. Not only the three engineers got the ABB Service Engineer Certificate, Rune Electric every year will be irregular transmission after-sales engineers to participate in ABB long-term training.

Since its inception, the company has been committed to all walks of life to provide high-quality electrical solutions, as many trusted partners. Has also been building materials, metallurgy, power, electronics, chemical, industrial and civil construction, light industry and other industries recognized and favored.

As shown, ABB transmission cabinet has become the first choice for many overseas projects because of its high efficiency, stability and reliability. The professional quality and teamwork spirit displayed by the engineers in the project site protect the smooth debugging of each transmission cabinet, and help customers to achieve the smooth progress of the project.

Derun electric has been focusing on the switchgear distribution cabinet industry, to provide customers with electrical engineering consulting, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a one-stop service. No matter what the scale of your project, we can provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that your electrical system runs smoothly and efficiently.