Inventory of complete equipment export projects for Derun Electric in March

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With batches of complete equipment from Derun Electric leaving the factory after the Spring Festival, the high and low voltage switchgear produced by Derun Electric has solved the production electricity problem in many industries. Today's inventory of Derun Electric's export projects in March:

01 Jordan IDMI Drying Line Project

02 Middle East Ball Mill Project

03 Somaliland Cement Grinding Station Project

04 Nigeria (Abuja) Colored Stone Tile Project

05 Mozambique Nacala Cement Plant Expansion Project

06 Vietnam Chunqian Project

07 Ahangalan Cement Packaging and Stacking Construction Project

08 Zimbabwe Fly Ash Project

09 Congo (Kinshasa) Lomo Project

10 Ecuador Copper Mine Project

Through the above projects, we can see that Derun Electric's influence in the international market is increasing day by day. The high and low voltage switchgear produced by the company provides reliable electrical supporting solutions for projects in different industries, promoting the development of local industries. Derun Electric will continue to strive for innovation, take root in the field of industrial automation, promote the widespread application of intelligent electrical products, and better serve global customers.