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Smooth power transmission of the Jinshui River III hydropower station project in Jinping County


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Recently, Anhui AHDRE Electric successfully completed the power transmission work of the hydropower station project once again. In 2018, Anhui AHDRE Electric undertook the Jinshaihe III Hydropower Station project of Guangdong Hydropower Yunnan Investment Co., Ltd., providing a batch of high and low voltage complete distribution cabinets for the project. The Jinshuihe III hydropower station in Jinping County is a runoff diversion type power station, with a total of 2 water turbine generator units arranged and a total installed capacity of 48000kW.

Since this product is used in hydropower plant engineering, optimization work is constantly carried out when designing the product concept. The frame circuit breaker trip device equipped with the low-voltage switchgear should adopt intelligent and zero arcing, and its upper and lower lines should have the same breaking capacity. The switchgear is IP4X rated, the breaker chamber door is IP2X when opened, and the GCK equipment is IP40. The wiring in the cabinet is tied with nylon spiral pipe according to the specifications or laid in the wiring groove.

AHDRE Electric's high and low voltage switchgear is widely used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, grinding stations, airports, water conservancy projects and other fields.

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