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Masteel 13 # Gas Boiler Flue Gas Desulfurization Project Successfully Completed Power Transmission and Debugging


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Recently, Derun Electric contracted a batch of Blokset low-voltage authorized cabinets for the Masteel 13# gas boiler flue gas desulfurization project to complete the commissioning of power transmission. The power distribution products provided this time include inlet cabinet, soft start cabinet, outlet cabinet, contact cabinet, etc., and the primary components in the cabinet are all using the Schneider brand.

What are the characteristics of Blokset low voltage cabinets:

(1) Low-voltage complete sets of equipment that meet high reliability requirements: power distribution and motor control

(2) Modular structure: switchgear that meets local standards, practices and requirements

(3) Intelligent equipment: components containing advanced protection and communication functions can be integrated into the equipment for power distribution and motor protection

At present, Schneider has launched a new generation of BloKseT pre-intelligent low-voltage complete equipment, and the equipment products will carry more digital genes and strive to continue to write a new model of intelligent power distribution. As an authorized cabinet manufacturer of Schneider Company, Derun Electric will continue to do a good job in product quality and after-sales service, and provide perfect power distribution solutions for all walks of life.

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