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The Yangmei Taihua Gasification Technology Transformation Project has been successfully completed


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Recently, Derun Electric successfully completed the power transmission for the Yang Coal Taihua gasification technical transformation project undertaken by Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Derun Electric provided a batch of 10KV high-voltage cabinets for the project, and the company's commissioning personnel went to the site for installation guidance and has been successfully transmitted.

Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, with national engineering design comprehensive grade A qualification, specializing in chemical industry, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, construction, environmental protection and other fields of engineering construction process research and development, consulting, design, procurement, operation and other whole process services. Yangmei Taihua gasification technical transformation project is cooperated by Yangmei Group with GTI and Donghua Technology Co., Ltd., using American aerospace technology to develop R-GAS gasifiers for domestic high-ash melting point coal above 1500°C, so as to realize large-scale and low-cost gasification of high-ash melting point coal, and the scale of the demonstration project is 800 tons of coal per day.


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