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National New Energy - Qixian Liquefied Peak shaving Reserve Distribution Center Switch Cabinet Project


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Shanxi National New Energy Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai Lianhua Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd., has a share code of 600617 and a B share code of 900913. The company's business scope is the operation management and consulting services of new energy enterprises. Its main asset is Shanxi Natural Gas Co., Ltd., relying on natural gas resources, engaged in the development and utilization of natural gas resource projects in the province, responsible for the planning, construction, operation and management of the province's long-term pipeline network, and undertaking the natural gas supply tasks of various cities in the province and counties (cities and districts) along the provincial natural gas trunk line.

As a manufacturer of electrical equipment such as high and low voltage switchgear, reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet, and box-type substation in Anhui Province, we are pleased to undertake the distribution project of Qixian Liquefaction Peak Shaving Reserve Distribution Center of National New Energy this time. In late May, Anhui Derun Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Derun Electric") completed the production of MNS5.2 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, KYN0A-28 metal armored removable central cabinet, and 12kV high-voltage reactive power compensation capacitor cabinet ordered by China New Energy. Due to the large number of switchgear ordered this time, according to the actual situation of the on-site power distribution room, the bridge frame method is adopted to meet the connection between the cabinets. Busbar bridge as a new type of distribution wire came into being, compared with the traditional cable, in the high current transmission fully reflects its superiority, and due to the use of new technology, new technology, greatly reduced the contact resistance and temperature rise at the connection of both ends of the busbar duct and the plug-in of the distribution port, and the use of high-quality insulation materials in the busbar bridge, thereby improving the safety and reliability of the busbar bridge, but also greatly reducing the cost, and making the whole system more perfect, beautiful and safe.

The praise and appreciation of customers is the honor and motivation of Derun Electric. Derun people are doing a good job in every bit. Director Li of the company's commissioning department personally led the team to the project site under the scorching sun of 35°C to set up camp for the switchgear. After nearly a week of careful debugging, they all came to their respective jobs and stood there to serve the construction and development of new energy in China.

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