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A commendation letter from the technical renovation project department of Chifeng Jinjian Copper Industry


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Recently, a letter of praise from a customer exploded in Derun Electric's WeChat group. The letter comes from Chifeng Jinjian Copper Technical Transformation Project Department, in the letter, our company's after-sales engineer Comrade Wang Leilei praised the good performance of the project site, and at the same time recognized and appreciated the technical strength and service quality of Derun Electric.

Last year, with years of rich experience in the smelting industry, Derun Electric was fortunate to undertake the copper smelting process upgrade and relocation project of Chifeng Jinjian Copper Industry Co., Ltd., and provided a batch of KYN28A-12 high-voltage cabinets to the project and put them into operation in the 10KV total reduction substation. The copper smelting process upgrading and relocation project has made a lot of optimization in the process, through the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, while expanding production capacity, improving environmentally friendly processing capacity. Break the traditional backward production mode, realize industrial transformation and upgrading, and increase new momentum for enterprise development.

At present, the 10KV total power reduction and distribution in the copper smelting process upgrade and relocation project has been successfully completed. During the commissioning and transmission of equipment, Wang Leilei actively cooperated with the on-site requirements for commissioning work, effectively solving the owner's on-site needs. At the same time, in order to ensure the safe and stable power supply of power distribution equipment, he carefully conducted electrical principle training and on-site practical training for on-site operation and maintenance personnel. It is his conscientious work, correct service attitude, and superb debugging technology and other outstanding performance, which has won the recognition and praise of customers.




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