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The automatic bypass cabinet has been successfully put into operation for the Xinjiang Zijin Nonferrous Metals Project


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Recently, our company's after-sales engineer sent a message at the project site, providing two sets of automatic bypass cabinets for the 10,560 tons/year zinc smelting project of Xinjiang Zijin Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. to successfully complete the power transmission work. The 900kw and <>kw two sets of one-to-one automatic bypass cabinets provided by Derun Electric adopt the matching scheme of three contactors and two disconnectors, and the design scheme meets the requirements of on-site power distribution.

Xinjiang Bauhinia nonferrous project site

Automatic bypass cabinet site drawing

The working principle of one tow and one automatic bypass cabinet is: vacuum contactors KM1, KM2 and two knife gate disconnectors QS1 and QS2 electrical interlock; KM1, KM2 and KM3 electrical interlock; When KM1 and KM2 are closed and KM3 is disconnected, the motor runs with frequency conversion, and when KM1 and KM2 are disconnected and KM3 is closed, the motor runs at power frequency. When the high-voltage inverter self-test is faulty or does not have starting conditions, KM1, KM2, and KM3 cannot be operated.

At present, the automatic bypass cabinet provided by Derun Electric meets the requirements of continuous operation of the motor, and is accurately connected with the frequency conversion cabinet on site to ensure the continuous supply of power supply. Due to the complex and diverse on-site requirements, Derun Electric technicians have specially designed a variety of schemes for the frequency conversion bypass method, including manual bypass, one-to-one manual bypass, one-to-two automatic bypass, etc.

Explain the use and operation of the bypass cabinet on site

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