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Case Sharing | China Building Materials High end Equipment Intelligent Park Project Successfully Completed Power Transmission


Building Materials Industry



Last week, our company successfully completed the power transmission project of China National Building Materials High end Equipment Intelligent Park, providing 35kV high-voltage cabinets and successfully completing the power transmission work. The 35kV high-voltage cabinet of this project adopts KYN61-40.5 armored movable switch cabinet, KYN28A-12 armored movable middle cabinet, and the cabinet body is made of aluminum zinc coated sheet metal and adopts multiple folding processes, making the entire cabinet have strong advantages of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

KYN61-40.5 Armored Removable Switch Cabinet

KYN28A-12 Armored Removable Center Cabinet

The China Building Materials High end Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project is a major strategic new industry project located in Feidong. The industry introduces high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, electronic information and other fields, using industrial economy as the engine, promoting regional development, and shaping the image of the city by creating a good industrial environment. The goal is to create a regional leading and domestically first-class emerging manufacturing cluster, achieve intelligent manufacturing, and integrate technology research and development, high-end equipment manufacturing, and production assembly into a high-tech innovative industrial park.

Derun Electric has always adhered to the principle of craftsmanship and always valued quality. In the past 20 years, the company has focused on the field of complete switchgear, silently cultivating. With our persistent pursuit of technology, we have steadily advanced in the industry, keeping a low profile and following the pace of the market with diligence. The company adheres to high-quality as the foundation, customer-centered needs, and advocates pragmatic cooperation to create lasting value for customers.

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