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Blokset Low Voltage Switchgear Used in the Kairui Tabi Construction Power Distribution Project


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Recently, a batch of Schneider Blokset authorized cabinets produced by Derun Electric successfully completed the electrification work in the stainless steel dust removal project of the electric furnace. The power distribution products provided this time include incoming cabinets, frequency conversion cabinets, soft start cabinets, outgoing cabinets, etc. The cabinet structure is mainly drawer type and fixed partition type.

After the signing of this project, the company attaches great importance to it and adheres to the policy of "safety first, quality first" in accordance with the deployment of the Kairui Tabi project. We continuously tackle key problems and strictly follow project requirements for quality control in various processes such as product design, manufacturing, and inspection. This power distribution product has over 20 years of industry experience in the field of power distribution, and is highly favored by users due to its safety, reliability, intelligence, and efficiency.

The characteristics of Blokset low-voltage cabinet include:

(1) Adopting dual chuck technology, it can effectively avoid wear and tear on the vertical busbar during the pumping operation;

(2) The detachable side crossbeam and fish shaped row design make the cabinet assembly simple and sturdy on the project site;

(3) High density installation, saving user space and space;

(4) The Blokset system can provide a high level of reliability and security, enhancing the protection of personal and equipment safety.

From the communication of technical solutions in the early stage to the delivery and debugging of products in the later stage, we have devoted our dedication and professionalism to the products, ensuring the smooth electrification of the project. With the exploration and practice of Blokset low-voltage cabinet products in different industries, Derun Electric continues to optimize product technology and assist the development of intelligent power distribution industry in various industries with high-quality products and services.

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