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2016 DG Khan Cement Company, Pakistan


Building Materials Industry



Project Overview: The DG Khan Cement Company in Pakistan was established in 1978 and is a large cement production enterprise with a daily output of 14000 tons of cement. It is a listed enterprise under the Pakistan National Cement Group. Anhui Derun Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. provides your company with a complete set of electrical equipment for the distribution system, including MNS2.0 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear, KYN61-40.5 high-voltage switchgear, and KYN28A high-voltage removable central cabinet. We also have resident debugging personnel to conduct comprehensive debugging of the equipment, ensuring that the production and operation of DG Khan Cement Company are normal and can achieve energy-saving and energy-saving effects. Derun Electric's meticulous service has received unanimous praise from the leaders of DG Khan Cement Company.

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