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111 Intelligent containerized substation transportation to MMG movable grinding station project


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On July 7, a batch of intelligent containerized substations were transported from Derun Electric to MMG-Mobile Grinding Station, which is another successful cooperation between Derun Electric and Sinoma Construction Company. Sinoma Construction Company has cooperated with Derun Electric for more than ten years, and has undertaken countless high and low voltage projects, and has a new direction of cooperation in containerized substation projects in recent years. Not long ago, a batch of exports to Guinea provided four sets of containerized substations, and this time provided four sets of products for the MMG grinding station project in Tangshan, Hebei Province.

Intelligent containerized substation, also known as outdoor complete set of substation, also known as combined substation, because of its flexible combination, easy transportation, migration, convenient installation, short construction period, low operating costs, small footprint, no pollution, maintenance-free and other advantages. Generally, the complete set of substations consists of three parts, namely low-voltage room, high-voltage room, and frequency conversion room. There are low-voltage switchgear such as inlet cabinet, outlet cabinet, capacitor cabinet, drawer cabinet and other low-voltage switchgear inside the low-voltage room, high-voltage switchgear such as ring network cabinet, reactive power compensation cabinet, and 10kV medium-voltage cabinet inside the high-voltage room, and transformer inside the transformer room (SCB11-1600 dry-type power transformer).

See, the company's basketball court is a busy scene again, everyone is busy loading the containerized substation and sending it to the project site. In the face of the sun's baking, Derun people did not complain at all, they were bent on getting the product to the customer as soon as possible. After an hour and a half of work, this batch of products was successfully loaded, and watching the batch of well-made products can be handed over to customers, I can't help but feel a full sense of accomplishment.

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