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Changfeng Yuqiao Ecological Science and Technology Park Project Successfully Completed Power Transmission


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Recently, our company successfully completed the power transmission project of Changfeng Yuqiao Ecological Science and Technology Park, providing it with Schneider MVnex high-voltage cabinets, and successfully completed the power transmission work. The Schneider central cabinet MVnex used in this project is a high-voltage authorization cabinet from Schneider. Anhui Derun Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been authorized to produce it for many years. Schneider central cabinet MVnex is one of the main cabinet types in Anhui Derun Electric's 10kV high-voltage switchgear, widely used in hospitals, schools, commercial streets, factories, and other industries. Has always received quality recognition from Schneider and the owner.


The Changfeng Yuqiao Ecological Science and Technology Park project, as a landmark and revolutionary project that plays a leading role in the strategic adjustment of energy structure and the "dual carbon" action in Anhui Province, plays an important role in opening a mold and exploring paths in the comprehensive reform and innovation of energy in Anhui Province. At the same time, as a key pilot project for comprehensive energy reform and innovation in Changfeng County, this project aims to create an integrated demonstration of "source network, load storage and control" by establishing a smart energy microgrid that integrates the power grid, heating network, and gas network. After completion, it will assist Yuqiao Ecological Science and Technology Park in creating a new business card for low-carbon and scientific and technological innovation demonstration in Changfeng County.

Derun Electric has always adhered to the principle of craftsmanship and always valued quality. In the past 20 years, the company has focused on the field of complete switchgear, silently cultivating. With our persistent pursuit of technology, we have steadily advanced in the industry and continuously developed products that are more practical in application. The company adheres to high-quality as the foundation, customer-centered needs, and advocates pragmatic cooperation to create lasting value for customers.

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