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Assist in Guinea's infrastructure construction - the successful production of the Camberin SGCG cement grinding production line project in Guinea


Building Materials Industry



The Campelin SGCG project is a brand new cement grinding production line invested and constructed by Chinese enterprises in Guinea. After the completion of the project, it will not only significantly increase the local cement production capacity and enrich the supply of basic building materials, but also fully stimulate local employment and inject new vitality into economic development. In the early stages of preparation, the owner inspected many electrical equipment manufacturers and based on Anhui Derun Electric's extensive overseas project success experience and professional electrical automation team, ultimately selected Derun Electric as a deep partner. From electrical design to product selection, from production and manufacturing to layer by layer verification, from on-site installation guidance to power transmission debugging and maintenance, Derun Electric is fully involved in the entire process of the entire line. It can be said that we have provided the owner with full process packaging services in the electrical field, ensuring the smooth production of the project.

From signing the contract in 2021 to completing the delivery in 2022, and then to providing on-site services in 2023, the rampant epidemic has caused numerous obstacles to the progress of the project. Derun Electric overcame many difficulties and completed the design and production of software and hardware products such as medium voltage switchgear, medium and low voltage frequency conversion cabinet, medium and low voltage bypass cabinet, medium and low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet, low voltage authorization cabinet, low voltage distribution box, PLC control cabinet, on-site instruments and meters, DCS control system, digital video monitoring management system, etc. After cooperating with Derun, the owner has no worries about communication and coordination between electrical and other professionals, as well as the delivery of high-quality electrical products. Derun Electric can achieve comprehensive consideration and overall arrangement.

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