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MDrail-E LV Power Distribution Box&Control Box (Cabinet)

ABB MNS-E series LV power distribution box and control box (cabinet) adopts standard modular design with the characteristic of compact structure and strong versatility. The width, height and depth of the box (cabinet) can be expanded arbitrarily according to the standard modulus (E=25mm). the shell is made of metal fully. The door of box (cabinet) can be made of metal or glass. It can be hanging box or vertical cabinet in terms of installation method. Box (cabinet) is divided into assembled or welded type, with special door lock and hinge, and unique logo design. The overall rigidity is strong, and the color matching is elegant and beautiful.

Prisma-E LV Power Distribution Box & Control Box (Cabinet)

Schneider Prisma-E series LV power distribution box and control box (cabinet) is a new generation of standardized distribution system carefully designed by Schneider for users. Based on decades of professional design experience, its quality is trustworthy. It has active safety and passive safety design, and its professional quality control ensures the quality of end products. It is widely used in public and commercial buildings, industry, infrastructure and many other fields. It has the beveled edge design of the cabinet door and the patented crescent-shaped handle lock, and the overall structure are sturdy and refined.

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