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DRXL LV Power Cabinet

DRXL series LV power cabinets are applied in industrial and civil buildings, as power distribution and lighting distribution in three-phase four-wire power systems with AC frequency of 50Hz (60Hz), voltage of 500V and below. It provides the protection for overload, short circuit and leakage of the line, and performs normal conversion of the circuit. This product is an indoor enclosed device, and its shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate. It is suitable for terminal power supply and distribution in schools, institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, and civil buildings.

DRVCS Visual Opening State Isolation Switch Box

VCS visual opening state isolation switch box is a kind of power distribution and control equipment with visualization and high safety protection level. It is suitable for power distribution solutions such as emergency disconnection of power distribution equipment, local safety disconnection, motor start and stop control, motor forward and reverse rotation control, and variable speed drive control. After the isolation switch is switched off, the breakpoint is clearly visible and can be clearly judged. And the isolating switch is interlocked with the box door, and it can not be started in the switch-on condition. The five protections are complete. It provides safety guarantee for modern industrial operation and maintenance.

DRJXF/PZ30 LV Power Distribution Box

DRJXF/PZ30 series power distribution box is a power distribution device with various control functions designed and assembled according to the model, specification and quantity of components. It can be configured and produced according to user needs, and is widely used in power distribution, lighting distribution and automatic control in power systems with rated voltage of 380V and below and frequency of 50Hz (60Hz) in industry and construction.

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